Artfully done

I’m Dave—a design and marketing professional that loves to help small business owners across the U.S. discover their hidden brand potential. Occasionally, I’ll post opinions (read: hot takes) about common practices, latest developments and other content in the digital media sphere.

Why I do what I do

Branding is often perceived as a thing that only the largest players in the market can afford to have—for good reason. Steve Forbes penned the quote, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” Companies dole out millions in budgets to painstakingly sculpt brands. When I mention ‘branding’ to business owners, immediately the thought of world-class agencies conducting extensive research come to mind followed by exhaustive campaigns of earned media and owning every ad unit they can find.

World-class agencies certainly help bring out the best brand possible, but one thing I've learned is that excellent and effective branding emerges from purpose, passion, and true belief in the business. A company can spend $300,000 in developing value propositions, mission statements, voice, visual design and more; but it could all fall flat with audiences if it lacks advocacy.

If branding comes from within, it can be attainable by any business no matter the size. From slender start-ups to mom-and-pop shops and non-profit organizations, I challenge myself to artfully guide companies on the path to putting their best brand forward.