Monthly Q&Artful: July '21

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Does the amount of ads really matter? Last year I had eight monthly ads posted on Facebook with little result. This year I’m proposing on cutting down to only six ads per month, focusing on content quality rather than amount.

It depends on your budget, but I am doubtful that we would see a major performance difference between six and eight ads. Where you might benefit is by identifying peak engagement from the daily and weekly ad history, and then set a bid schedule based on those findings.

Any tips or tricks for promoting a podcast on social media?

Pull out interesting 30-second sound bytes from your past episodes and share them as a way to hook people in—give people a taste of what your podcast is like! I also recommend giving a sharing toolkit to every podcast guest so that they can help promote your program. The sharing toolkit could have dates, links, sample text, digital posters, videos, or other visual creative.

I've noticed a decline in engagement on Facebook Event pages for a while now across multiple clients, which has got me wondering about how much time to spend on them.

Users and marketers used to find them useful, but now we can barely find them in the new Facebook experience. I still author event cards, but I don’t spend time building engagement or invest in ad support like I used to. It’s easier to build momentum through external means such as Eventbrite, traditional email, and EDDMs.

Do video ads on Facebook really work better than ads with simple images to generate more traffic on a website? I found contradicting sources and I can't do a test.

Despite the push for video in years past, I’ve found no difference between images and video in ad units on Facebook and Instagram. Success for me has been largely dependent on the quality of the content and its relationship with the audience.

Social media has grown to become a large part of my job, however I’ve been doing a lot of guesswork, and don’t have a clearly defined plan/strategy. Do you have any tips for creating a social media plan/strategy? How do you go about planning your content, or what type of content to post?

It’s critical to separate the social media strategy from the social media plan (the tactics you take to execute on the strategy). I would recommend working on the strategy before working on the plan.

When you consider the strategy, try to consider your organization or client’s goals. When you align your strategy to business outcomes, it’s easier to identify the what, where, and why of your social media plan. Building a marketing strategy looks a lot like a business plan insofar as outlining the mission, the customer, and reasons to believe.

To make planning easier, you could consider writing a content calendar. Filling in a content calendar helps you inventory what content you already have to work with and identify gaps that could be filled by sourcing or creating new content.

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