Monthly Q&Artful: Oct '21, #2

It's cool to hate Facebook (and Meta) right now, but it would be silly to count them out

❓ Hi Dave! Bit of a long one: I have today been asked to “take the lead” in managing our online review platform daily. My job title is social media manager and as far as I’m concerned, this [belongs with] customer service. I’ve made my case to the Head of Digital and made it clear I don’t think this should sit with me, but I’m more than happy to chip in with responses. However she is insisting that I manage it.

Can you offer any advice on how to proceed? Ultimately I have to do what the Head of says, but its made me really frustrated and resentful.

You really need to drive home the fact that you are a limited resource. Audit your current responsibilities; give each one a weight in terms of its business criticality and your work load, then present them to your manager. Clearly, something is going to be left on the table each week. Tell her that you’re seeking clarity around the expectations she has of you in your current role, and ask her to help you prioritize responsibilities. She may—after seeing everything holistically—help you delegate or offload some work.

I put together a rudimentary workbook that may help you to more clearly define your 30-day load, and where you are currently spending most of your time.

View in Google Sheets

I still think you should do the task that is presented to you; try not to feel resentful. If anything, this is a vote of confidence by someone at your company on your capabilities. Think of this as an opportunity to expand into social media adjacent functions. The marketplace loves T-skilled people. Do this for a while, and if you really don’t like it, you can use the new experience to bolster your resume.

❓ Can you offer me some tips for starting a TikTok account for my small business? Thank you!

Be brief, be bright, be gone is a mantra you should keep in the forefront when you consider how you want to present yourself there. Be real. Make an impact: drop some knowledge or show how what you’re doing is impacting other people. Meme if you must, but lead with your passion and you’ll do fine—people can tell really early on if you’re trying too hard.

It doesn’t hurt to spend the evenings scrolling TikTok for a week or two to get a feel of how people communicate through it. Check out how people use filters, audio, duets, and stickers to help make a point or idea. Don’t be surprised (as a business account) that you’ll have limited access to popular audio.

Depending on your type of business, it’s probably best to consider TikTok as a brand awareness driver—especially early on. Don’t expect to generate any business outcomes right away.

What do you think about Shiba Inu Coin?

I don’t, but I’m having second thoughts about the future of NFTs how that Zuckerberg is giving them a purpose in his company’s vision of the metaverse.

What’s your opinion on the whole Facebook Metaverse concept and changing the corporate identity to Meta? Is Meta going to close Facebook, or is Facebook GOAT?

I was an incredibly smart idea. Even if there wasn’t so much bad press around Facebook these days, it seems pretty clear the rebranding effort was something that was being workshopped for a while. Facebook is a product with a finite lifespan; you could see them begin pivoting to a more diverse business model in 2014 when they acquired Oculus.

Speaking of Oculus, Meta is making headsets more affordable and more accessible than I have ever seen since VR started trending with the public in the 1980’s. Beyond the virtual reality Workplace experience, I haven’t had the opportunity to look deeply into Facebook Horizon (now Horizon Worlds), but what I see is a promising evolution of virtual reality technology.

I think retail brands that are not actively looking at ways to buy virtual real estate now are going to miss out on exciting and unique opportunities within the metaverse.

Despite all the bad press around Facebook these days, it is hard to imagine that Meta would not want to continue investing in Facebook’s future. According to the latest Q3 earnings report, Facebook EBIT and MAU showed positive momentum in the face of public scrutiny and a turbulent post-pandemic economic climate.

That said… the G.O.A.T. trophy goes to Wendy’s:

How will META affect, be, improve or exist for current FB Business pages?

In the short-term, I can imagine that not much will change for Business Pages, and that the roadmap for this feature in the platform will continue as planned. Right now, Facebook has some work ahead of them to implement “work accounts,” which operate independently from personal user accounts. Most of those who are knees-deep in the Business Manager / Ads Manager / Events Manager suites are looking forward to future development of work accounts.

In the long-term, I see Facebook integrating Business Pages within their metaverse product concept. I have no idea what that would look like, but I imagine it might require a certain level of adoption of the metaverse on behalf of the business to make use of all the features.

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